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Lucy Brown finds English hard sometimes, but her favourite subject is Art.

Lucy Brown

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John also find english difficult at times, but he is very good at mathematics.

John Blunt

nick website 2.jpg

Nick finds it difficult to read at times, but he is fantastic at science.

Nick Speed

robin website 2.jpg

Robin does not like Mathematics at all, but she lives on a farm, so is very interested in animals, humanities and science. 

Robin Wren

connor website 2.jpg

Connor does not like sport, but is fantastic at entertaining and talking to people.

Connor Glass


Emily does not like Art classes, but prefers showing off her amazing talent in Drama.

Emily McGraw

cam website 2.jpg

Cameron finds it difficult to sit through long English or Mathematics lessons, but he really enjoys communicating with people and sport.

Cameron Bell

johnathon website 2.jpg

Johnathon does not like sitting still through long class sessions either, but he loves drama and performing his magic. 

Jonathon Gill


Ms Derwent teaches English and Mathematics. She is not very good at Art and drawing, but is very good at spelling and tricky Mathematics questions.

Ms Derwent

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